Azure ExpressRoute provides a high-speed private connection to connect your on-premises networks to Microsoft cloud services. The Azure Virtual WAN networking service combines networking, security, and routing functionalities into a single operational interface.

In this module, suppose your company has major offices located throughout the world. Some on-premises locations must connect to Azure, and these connections need to be private and secure. In other locations, a global transit network architecture is required. You're responsible for developing a plan to implement ExpressRoute and Virtual WAN to provide these connection services.

Learning objectives

In this module, you learn how to:

  • Identify features and usage cases for Azure ExpressRoute.
  • Coexist site-to-site and Azure ExpressRoute networks.
  • Identify features and usage cases for Azure Virtual WAN.

Skills measured

The content in the module helps you prepare for Exam AZ-104: Microsoft Azure Administrator. The module concepts are covered in:

Configure and manage virtual networking (25–30%)

  • Integrate an on-premises network with an Azure virtual network.
    • Create and configure Azure ExpressRoute.
    • Configure Azure Virtual WAN.