Set up ledgers and journals in Dynamics 365 Finance

Functional Consultant
Dynamics 365

In any Dynamics 365 Finance implementation project, the first step is to set up the General ledger module. All other modules post their related financial transactions into the general ledger. The ledger also provides the means for sharing the chart of accounts, currencies, and fiscal calendar by multiple legal entities.

Learning objectives

In this module, you'll:

  • Discover different types of journals and their setup.
  • Learn about ledger and posting setup.
  • Learn how to set up and use journals.
  • Learn how to reverse journal posting.
  • Learn how to set up batch transfer rules.


  • Basic understanding of finance and accounting processes
  • An understanding of how to set up a chart of accounts in Finance
  • The ability to use Finance for basic processing
  • Knowledge of basic navigation in Finance