Omnichannel support for incremental payment capture


The ability to fulfill an order over time using a single payment authorization is possible with incremental capture. For example, a customer's order, may be fulfilled in three shipments.

Without this feature, payment for the amount invoiced will be captured each time a shipment is invoiced, and a new authorization will be created for the remaining amount. Over the course of order fulfillment, three authorizations are required in this scenario. This can result in authorizations that exceed the total amount of the order or declines, because authorizations exceed the amount of open credit available to cardholders.

Payments for orders that are completed from distribution centers or stores will reference the original authorization if it is valid when this function is allowed. Some of the benefits are fewer declines, less consumer frustration, and faster payment and invoice reconciliation.

The following graphic highlights the differences between the payment capture frameworks when multiple captures are authorized, versus when a single authorization is enabled by using omnichannel support for incremental payment capture.

Diagram showing the two methods of payment capture frameworks.


When orders are fulfilled from Store Commerce and Commerce headquarters, the Dynamics 365 Payment Connector for Adyen supports incremental capture out of the box.

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