This module examined how messaging administrators can manage their Microsoft 365 messaging environment by configuring various organizational settings.

You began by learning how to use the Exchange Management Shell to configure Exchange workload management. You then examined how to throttle workload processes by creating or changing the workload management policy settings at both the organization level and the individual server level.

The module then explored how organizations with on-premises Exchange Servers use storage quotas to control the size of mailboxes and manage the growth of mailbox databases. You learned how to use the Exchange admin center and the Exchange Management Shell to customize the mailbox storage quotas for specific mailboxes.

Organizations often integrate Exchange Server with Skype for Business Server and SharePoint Server to enable unified eDiscovery search for compliance reasons. As such, Messaging administrators must carefully plan and test organizational settings because they typically affect most of the users in an organization. This module examined how to deploy integrated apps for the users in your organization using the Centralized Deployment feature in the Microsoft 365 admin center.