Set up an onboarding template


Onboarding is a special type of qualification in Volunteer Management. Onboarding templates can be configured and allow you to define the stages and steps necessary in onboarding new volunteers, while ensuring consistency and visibility across the process.

Screenshot of the Qualification Type menu with the skill type selected.

Onboarding templates can be set up when creating a qualification in the Configuration area of Volunteer Management. On the qualification type form, onboarding should be specified as the type. This will prompt you to create the onboarding process.

Screenshot of the onboarding process stages and steps.

In the Onboarding Stages and Steps section, +New Stage will allow you to create the stages in the process.

Screenshot of the qualification details page with the New Stage option highlighted.

Here, you can provide a name for the stage, sequence number of the stage, description, and relative due date.

Screenshot of the Quick Create Onboarding Process Stage options with Stage Name, Sequence Number, Description and Due Date highlighted.

This will create an onboarding process stage record. Within the record, you can specify the activities, or steps, that need to be completed. You can provide a name for the step, a description, and relative due date. Activity type can be either a task, phone call, or appointment.

Screenshot of an onboarding process stage record including Title, Activity Type, Assign to, Description and Due Date.

Each stage can contain multiple activities.

Screenshot of Applications Submitted and Background Check steps in a stage.

The screenshot below shows the configuration of the qualification, Child Supervisor Clearance, which has been set up with an onboarding template.

Screenshot of the Child Supervisor Clearance qualification.

When adding Child Supervisor Clearance as a qualification to a volunteer, you will be guided through the stages. Each stage will have the set of activities that need to be completed before progressing to the next stage of the process.

Screenshot of the Collect Information stage in the Onboarding Process.