.NET MAUI is the next evolution of Xamarin and what we recommend you develop mobile and desktop apps with, and you can learn more about .NET MAUI in several training modules. This Xamarin training module will not be maintained going forward.

Xamarin.Forms provides a way to create apps for iOS and Android devices, without having to write those apps once in Java and once in Swift. We've seen that with Xamarin.Forms, almost all the code that makes up our app, including our user interface code, can be written once and applies to both platforms.

In this module, we built our first Xamarin.Forms app that runs on iOS and Android. We also used an external library called Xamarin.Essentials to get access to the phone dialer on both platforms.

This app acts as the proof-of-concept for the requirement we defined in the introduction. Specifically, we set out to create an app that:

  • Runs on iOS and Android.
  • Minimizes development time.
  • Can access our phone dialer.

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