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Answer the following questions to see what you've learned.


An organization is creating a survey to send after a product has been purchased. They want to know if the customer would likely recommend the product to a friend or colleague. Which of the following question types would be the best one to use in this scenario?


The marketing department for an organization wants to make sure that it’s clear where surveys are coming from. As a result, they have requested that the company logo is clear and present on every survey. How can this request be fulfilled?


After a Net Promoter Score (NPS) question is answered, the customer services manager at an organization wants to know more about why customers might have given a low score. How can the survey maker find out this information but only ask the question to those individuals who respond with a 6 or below?


The customer services manager has decided that they want to know customers’ overall opinions of the support service that was provided. The survey maker decides to use a Ratings question. What are the three different ways that a ratings question can be displayed on a Customer Voice survey?


A powerful feature of Dynamics 365 Customer Voice is the ability to customize a survey, giving customers a truly personalized feedback experience. Which of the following options can you add up to 15 of in the survey title, questions, email templates, and other areas within Dynamics 365 Customer Voice?