Create your own data model and flow to support a scenario for a fictional company. You're provided high-level specifications on the custom tables, columns and flow needed to complete this project.

Example scenario

You recently joined Contoso Coffee as a Power Automate Consultant. You're helping the company’s IT team create and manage automated processes with Power Automate. The sales team uses Dataverse to keep track of opportunities but is looking for help with ensuring that open opportunities aren't missed. You need to build a Power Automate flow that shares the open opportunities daily.

What you will be doing

  • Create custom tables and columns in Dataverse
  • Build Power Automate cloud flows to send notifications about new sales opportunities in your table

Your main goal

By the end of this session, you have a working solution that validates your knowledge of concepts covered in APL-7002 Create and manage automated processes with Power Automate. If you haven't taken the assessment already, you might be ready!