Lab - Create a new custom table and enable attachments


Read this first - before you start the lab!


For this lab, do not sign in with your credentials. Use the following steps to sign in to your lab environment with the correct credentials.

  1. Select Launch VM mode in this unit.
  2. You'll see a PowerShell window and a Windows Command window appear. After about two to three minutes, they'll close, and Power Apps will open automatically. Wait for the Power Apps home screen.
  3. To see the lab instructions, select the Instructions tab on the lab side bar.

You can now begin your work on this lab.

Create a new custom table

This exercise shows you how to create a new custom table in Dataverse.

  1. Select Dataverse/Data in the panel on the left-hand side of the Power Apps Portal to expand the available choices.

  2. Select Tables under the Data options on the left-hand side of the portal.

  3. Select New table in the menu at the top of the list of tables.

  4. Enter the following text for Display name: PC Manufacturers.

  5. Select Create.

    Screenshot of New table values with Create button.

Enable attachments

You should now see the list of columns for the new table PC Manufacturers.

  1. Select Settings on the menu above the table columns.

  2. Select the Enable Attachments check box.

  3. Select Done.

    Screenshot of Edit table attributes with Done button.

  4. Select the Okay button when the dialog appears informing you that enabling attachments can't be disabled.

  5. Select the Save table button on the bottom of the screen to save the change to the table settings that allow attachments.

    Screenshot of Save table button to allow attachments.