Publish groups


E-Commerce websites are constantly updated with new content throughout the year. Updates are often published in batches around busy e-Commerce events such as holidays, seasonal marketing campaigns, or promotional launches. These updates often require that groups of website content (for examples, pages, images, fragments, and templates) be staged, validated, and published concurrently in a single action.

By enabling publish groups in the site builder, the site content can be grouped together into logical sets.

The ability to group items into logical sets that publish items together, where each set has its own life cycle, provides many advantages to site authors. In Commerce, these logical sets are known as publish groups.

Publish groups let site authors track sets of updates as their own configurable, testable, and publishable entities. The ability to group, preview, and schedule updates for publishing is important for many enterprise-level companies that generate considerable annual revenue around event-based site update milestones. Publish groups help launches to be organized, validated, and published on time.

Watch the following video to learn how to use publish groups in the site builder in Commerce.