Some types of transactions that can be performed through the storefront are:

  • Creating e-Commerce customer orders (pick-up and ship)
  • Recalling and editing e-Commerce customer orders in Store Commerce
  • Purchasing goods online and picking up the products in the local retail stores
  • Abandoned cart capabilities for e-commerce
    • Abandoned cart capabilities are a key component of an e-commerce platform. These capabilities support a virtuous cycle that allows retailers to identify abandoned purchases, contact those customers to encourage them to complete their purchase, analyze the effectiveness of those communications, and adjust business rules to optimize conversion.
    • Dynamics 365 Commerce provides the tools and infrastructure that let retailers enable and customize the abandoned cart cycle to maximize the revenue they recover from abandoned carts.

Before you begin creating transactions in the e-Commerce site, ensure that you have completed the following configuration prerequisites:

  • An online channel has been created with a payment connector, payment methods, modes of delivery, and a fulfillment group.
  • A channel navigation hierarchy and assortment have been created and linked to the online channel.

After completing these prerequisites, you can learn how to set up the e-Commerce site in the Create online presence in Dynamics 365 Commerce module.