Prepare for the Data migration workshop


The Data migration strategy workshop typically takes approximately 1-3 hours to conduct. The time might vary based on the complexity of the project, the scope of the migration, and the challenges that are encountered throughout the implementation.

Prior to the Data migration strategy workshop, participants should be as familiar as possible with the structure of the workshop and the types of topics and prerequisites that will be covered.

The primary prerequisite is to prepare the Data migration strategy workshop template that captures information about the sections that are presented (such as the data management strategy, data volume, tooling, and so on). The implementation team will need to complete and share the template with the solution architect at least two working days before the workshop.


Essentially, the Data migration strategy workshop is a discussion. It is not intended to be a questionnaire that can be completed and reviewed in an offline mode.

Having the following project artifacts ready would enrich the exchanges during the workshop:

  • Project charter – Document providing the background of the project, especially the objectives and expected key results.
  • Rollout plan/schedule with the current and next phases – Document or Gantt charts depicting the current and the next phases in the digital transformation journey.
  • Environment plan – Document describing the current environment planning, with a focus on data migration.
  • Solution blueprint review template – Document describing the entities that are subject to data migration, including their volumes, source, target systems, and more.


This list is not exhaustive of project deliverables, but it is advantageous to share these or have them ready to show during the Data migration strategy workshop.

Data migration strategy workshop participants

The Data migration strategy workshop is an opportunity for the project team and the project sponsors to assess the success of their implementation and to reflect on the adjustments to make in the future.

With that in mind, you should consider the following guidelines:

  • The workshop should be attended by representatives from the customer organization and the implementation team.

  • The workshop should include the project sponsor, project manager, and solution architect from the customer and the partner organization.

    If the customer doesn't have a solution architect role in their organization, then the responsible technical stakeholder(s) should be involved. If the partner organization doesn't have a designated solution architect who is responsible for the implementation, then the equivalent delivery lead, functional lead, or technical architects should be involved.