Encryption is the system to restrict and control access to organizational data for different audiences. Understanding, configuring, and managing message encryption in Office 365 is an essential responsibility to keep internal and confidential intellectual property of organizations secret.

Encrypting organizational data, independent from target audiences who are granted access, is also a fundamental for many legal and regulatory requirements. Most organizations implement an encryption strategy only once in their tenant's lifetime, except when major legal or regulatory changes occur. Therefore, it's important to understand an organization's requirements for encryption.

By default, all newly created Microsoft 365 tenants use the Microsoft-generated keys for encryption. If the default key is sufficient for an organization's encryption strategy, there are no further steps required for implementation of message encryption in Office 365. In this module, you'll learn how implement message encryption in Office 365.

Learning objectives

Upon completion of this module, you should be able to:

  • Configure Microsoft Purview Message Encryption for end users

  • Implement Microsoft Purview Advanced Message Encryption


  • Fundamental knowledge of encryption in Microsoft 365