Describe how Yammer helps communities connect and grow


Yammer is a secure enterprise social network designed for connecting and engaging people across your organization. Yammer helps facilitate community collaboration and idea-sharing among leaders, coworkers and partners from anywhere. Access Yammer through your browser, or you can install Yammer on your desktop or mobile device.

Yammer offers two types of networks to help users communicate and collaborate in the most convenient and effective ways possible:

  • Internal network, also known as a home network, is restricted to users inside the organization. Only employees with a valid corporate email address can join the internal network and access its content and users.
  • External network, includes invited users from outside your organization. It's a space for you to engage with outside partners, like customers, suppliers, or investors.

Let's explore how Yammer helps connect leaders and employees to build communities, share knowledge, and engage everyone:

Leader engagement

  • Align people toward a shared vision and objectives to drive organizational change.
  • Foster two-way dialogue between employees and leaders with a leadership community.
  • Broadcast company meetings with live events and real-time Q&A.
  • Communicate at scale with a site for leaders to share news, events, blogs, and polls.

Modernize employee communication

  • Keep everyone informed and engaged, across web and mobile.
  • Share news and announcements that reach users as interactive discussions in Microsoft Teams and Outlook.
  • Target specific communities or reach your entire organization using the All Company community.
  • Pin and feature important conversations and send essential announcements to ensure delivery of critical information.
  • Create compelling communications with rich text, GIFs, photos, and videos.

Knowledge sharing

  • Share knowledge, best practices, ideas, and feedback across the organization.
  • Use questions and answers to gain solutions, highlight the best answers, and upvote replies.
  • Call in experts with @mentions.
  • Extend the power of experts with FAQ bots that can auto-respond to common questions.
  • Follow topics across conversations and communities with tags.

Engage your employees

  • Ensure that every voice within the organization is heard.
  • Provide communities for employees to connect, share, and build relationships.
  • Find and join recommended communities around common interests.
  • Designate official communities where employees can find what they need and join the discussion.
  • Empower employees to express and represent themselves with inclusive reactions.

Powering communities in Microsoft 365

  • Engage in fully interactive discussions without leaving your Outlook inbox.
  • Bring the power of communities to SharePoint with the Yammer conversations web part.
  • Embed a Yammer community on any HTML page.
  • Collaborate on Office files and Excel documents within Yammer.
  • In-line video playing and auto-transcription with Microsoft Stream.
  • Instantly translate messages in 60+ languages.

Screenshot showing a community page for new employees within Yammer.