Describe communication compliance


Communication compliance in the Microsoft Purview compliance portal helps minimize communication risks by enabling organizations to detect, capture, and take remediation actions for inappropriate messages. Predefined and custom policies in communication compliance make it possible to scan internal and external communications for policy matches so they can be examined by chosen reviewers.

Identifying and resolving compliance issues with communication compliance in Microsoft Purview uses the following workflow:

Diagram showing the communication compliance workflow.

  • Configure – in this step, admins identify compliance requirements and configure applicable communication compliance policies.
  • Investigate – admins look deeper into the issues detected when matching your communication compliance policies. Tools and steps that help include alerts, issue management to help remediation, document reviews, reviewing user history, and filters.
  • Remediate – remediate communications compliance issues. Options include resolving an alert, tagging a message, notifying the user, escalating to another reviewer, marking an alert as a false positive, removing a message in Teams, and escalating for investigation.
  • Monitor – Keeping track and managing compliance issues identified by communication compliance policies spans the entire workflow process. Communication compliance dashboard widgets, export logs, and events recorded in the unified audit logs can be used to continually evaluate and improve your compliance posture.

Communication compliance enables reviewers to investigate scanned emails, and messages across Microsoft Teams, Exchange Online, Yammer, or third-party communications in an organization, taking appropriate remediation actions to make sure they're compliant with the organization's message standards.

Some important compliance areas where communication compliance policies can assist with reviewing messages include:

  • Corporate policies - Users have to follow corporate policies like usage and ethical standards in their day-to-day business communications. With communication compliance, admins can scan user communications across the organization for potential concerns of offensive language or harassment.
  • Risk management - Communication compliance can help admins scan for unauthorized communication about projects that are considered to be confidential, such as acquisitions, earnings disclosures, and more.
  • Regulatory compliance - Most organizations are expected to follow some regulatory compliance standards during their day-to-day operations. For example, a regulation might require organizations to review communications of its brokers to safeguard against potential insider trading, money laundering, or bribery. Communication compliance enables the organization to scan and report on these types of communications in a way that meets their requirements.

Watch the video below for a walk-through of Microsoft Purview Communication Compliance.


The user interface (UI) in Microsoft 365 is continually evolving so the UI shown in the video may not reflect the most recent updates.

Communication compliance is a powerful tool, that can help maintain and safeguard your staff, your data and your organization.