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Tailwind Traders wants to reduce storage costs by reducing duplicate content and migrating it to the cloud, when possible. The company is interested in a solution that centralizes maintenance while providing nation-wide access for customers. Customers should be able to browse and purchase items online even an entire Azure region goes offline. Here are some specific requirements:

  • Warranty document retention. The Compliance and Legal teams require warranty documents be kept for three years.

  • New photos and videos. Each product has an accompanying photo or video to demonstrate the product.

  • External vendor development. A vendor creates and develops some of the online e-commerce features. The developer needs access to the HTML files, but only during the development phase.

  • Product catalog updates. The product catalog is updated every few months. Older versions of the catalog aren't viewed frequently, but they must be available immediately, if accessed.

Answer the following questions

Choose the best response for each of the questions below. Then select Check your answers.


What's the best way for Tailwind Traders to protect their warranty information?


Which storage option should Tailwind Traders use for their photos and videos?


How can you provide your developers with access to the business e-commerce HTML files?


Which access tier should be used for the older versions of the product catalog?