Design and plan an implementation of finance and operations apps

Functional Consultant
Solution Architect
Dynamics 365
Supply Chain Management


You may experience partial outages in labs that use the finance and operations apps virtual machine. We are working on fixing it and ask for your patience.

With proper planning, your finance and operations apps implementation will be a success. After a customer signs the agreements to purchase licenses for finance and operations apps, your job as a functional consultant starts by managing the application lifecycle and moving toward predictable, repeatable, high-quality implementation.

Learning objectives

In this module, you will:

  • Prepare documentation for gathered requirements by using methodologies in Lifecycle Services.
  • Define use case scenarios.
  • Learn how to participate in the creation of Business requirement documents (BRD).
  • Understand the importance of creating and maintaining documented processes.
  • Participate in phase-based planning processes and solution design.
  • Describe the future state business processes based on a proposed solution.
  • Determine when to build versus buy.
  • Create Functional Design Documents (FDD).


The ability to use finance and operations apps for basic processing