Implement facial recognition


For scenarios where you need to positively identify individuals, you can train a facial recognition model using face images.


As mentioned in the previous unit, recognition models will require getting approved through a Limited Access policy.

To train a facial recognition model with the Face service:

  1. Create a Person Group that defines the set of individuals you want to identify (for example, employees).
  2. Add a Person to the Person Group for each individual you want to identify.
  3. Add detected faces from multiple images to each person, preferably in various poses. The IDs of these faces will no longer expire after 24 hours (so they're now referred to as persisted faces).
  4. Train the model.

Person groups containing Person records with persisted faces

The trained model is stored in your Face (or Azure AI Services) resource, and can be used by client applications to:

  • Identify individuals in images.
  • Verify the identity of a detected face.
  • Analyze new images to find faces that are similar to a known, persisted face.