Exercise - Use the custom connector in Power Apps canvas app


You've created the connector, tested it, and now you'll learn how to use it in a canvas app.


Power Apps requires either an Microsoft 365 license or a free trial. Learn more about your licensing options. Microsoft products include Microsoft Power Apps and Power Automate.

Create a canvas app

  1. First of all, create a blank canvas app. In Power Apps studio go to the Create menu at the left-hand side and click the Canvas app from blank panel.

    Create Power Apps

  2. When a modal pops up, give the name, Inventory, to the App name field and leave the format as default. Then click the Create button.

    Create Power Apps Modal

  3. Navigate the Data menu to add the custom connector. You will see nothing in the Data pane.

    Data Pane

  4. Click the Add data button and enter inventory in the search box, and you will see the InventoryManager custom connector. (Assuming you named your custom connector InventoryManager.)

    Custom Connector Search

  5. Click the InventoryManager connector, and you will see the InventoryManagement connection.

    Connection Added

  6. Your custom connector is successfully added to your Power Apps. Navigate to the Insert menu at the top and click Button to add a button control onto the canvas.

    Add Button

  7. While Button1 is selected, choose the property value to OnSelect and enter the function formula below. InventoryManagement represents the custom connector and getapiwarehouselocations() represents an API endpoint. The warehouses collection stores the result that the getapiwarehouselocations() function returns.

    ClearCollect(warehouses, InventoryManagement.getapiwarehouselocations())

    Add Formula

  8. Click Gallery and select the Vertical control.

    Add Vertical Gallery

  9. Once the Vertical control is added, it asks the data source.

    Vertical Gallery  Added

  10. Select the warehouses collection declared above. Then the Vertical control changes below because the warehouses collection currently contains nothing.

    Vertical Gallery Data Source Mapped

  11. While holding your Alt key on Windows (or Option key on Mac), click the Button button, and you will see the list of warehouse locations showing up in the Vertical control.

    Custom Connector Result in Vertical Gallery

You have successfully included the custom connector into your Power Apps app.