This module's goal was to introduce .NET. By now, you've begun to understand what .NET is and the major parts of the .NET ecosystem. You learned about the workflow developers use, the tools they rely on to build applications, and the scenarios for which .NET makes sense. You built a simple "Hello World" application to illustrate the workflow and how the parts of .NET work together.


If you want to use a graphical user interface to build applications by using C#, download and install Visual Studio 2022. As you learned earlier in the module, this installation process can take a while and require significant internet bandwidth.


If you're not a (paid) licensed user of Visual Studio, download the Community edition, which has all the features you need to get started.

If you want to start by using a command-line interface, download and install both the .NET SDK, Visual Studio Code, and the C# Dev Kit.

Finally, if you need to learn more about C# before you continue, check out the Take your first steps with C# learning path.