Describe Microsoft Teams integration


Microsoft Teams is becoming one of the most important applications for organizations. It's the primary collaboration tool for engaging with teammates, virtual meetings, and project collaboration. The Dynamics 365 applications integrate with Microsoft Teams in multiple ways that allow you to take advantage of these collaboration features.

Dynamics 365 for Microsoft Teams integration enables users to easily work with customer information in diverse customer engagement apps, including Dynamics 365 Sales and Dynamics 365 Customer Service. Users can share files directly from Microsoft Teams. Sharing files helps them to be more productive and get work done more effectively.

  • Collaboration hub: Access a shared workspace for Office apps that most of us already use to work sales opportunities.

  • File integration: Coauthor documents using Microsoft 365 and automatically sync with customer engagement apps in Dynamics 365.

  • Dynamics 365 assistant application for Microsoft Teams: The Dynamics 365 assistant app is available on Microsoft Teams as part of the existing Dynamics 365 app. The app provides sellers with a simple-to-use experience. It combines data from multiple sources such as Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365.

  • Embedded Teams chat: With Microsoft Teams embedded chat, you can collaborate with stakeholders directly from within Dynamics 365. This capability allows you to use Dynamics 365 data as an organizing layer for your Teams collaboration activity. It links chats to Dynamics 365 records for convenient access for all participants. These records include, for example, sales opportunities and service cases.

Screenshot of an embedded Teams chat.

Click-through demo: Work with Teams integration

In this click-through demonstration, you see how easy it's to create connected chats in Teams, directly from within Dynamics 365 customer engagement apps.

Work with Teams integration

Teams is an important collaboration tool for many organizations. Organizations use it to collaborate with colleagues and customers. The Microsoft Teams integration capabilities in Dynamics 365 customer engagement applications make it easy to collaborate with Teams users directly from Dynamics 365.