Explore licensing, pricing, and support of Azure for SAP workloads


Regarding SAP licensing, as per SAP Note #1380654, customers must procure appropriate licenses for SAP software to be deployed to Azure. Pricing of Azure resources and licensing of the non-SAP software follows the standard Azure pricing and licensing rules.

Support requirements are outlined in SAP Note #2015553, which states that when operating SAP systems on Microsoft Azure VMs, customers can choose one of two support options:

  • Professional Direct, which provides the bare minimum support level, appropriate if you only require support from Microsoft for Azure itself.
  • Microsoft Premier Support, which is recommended if SAP workloads are based on Windows Server and/or SQL Server. This offers the best enterprise-level support for Azure, Windows and/or SQL Server.

In addition, when running SAP software on Linux Azure VMs, customers should satisfy the separate support requirements SAP has for operating SAP systems on the corresponding Linux distributions.

Raise support requests for Azure virtual machines

As per SAP document SAP on AZURE – The Starting steps | SAP Blogs, to raise a support ticket at SAP when contacting Microsoft Azure support, open an OSS ticket at component BC-OP-NT-AZR for Windows and BC-OP-LNX-AZR for Linux.