You're responsible for gathering the requirements that will help SAP administrators in your company prepare to monitor and troubleshoot SAP deployments on Azure. You'll need to account for the monitoring data from several Azure systems and tools. Working with the SAP administrators in your company, you'll determine any needs to consolidate monitoring data. That is, to surface Azure data (for example, Azure performance counters) into SAP systems (for example, SAP Enhanced Monitoring).


Azure Monitoring Extension, Enhanced Monitoring, and Azure Extension for SAP describe one and the same item. It describes a VM extension that needs to be deployed by you to provide some basic data about the Azure infrastructure to the SAP Host Agent. SAP Notes might refer to it as Monitoring Extension or Enhanced monitoring. In Azure, we're referring to it as Azure Extension for SAP.

Learning objectives


  • Explore the monitoring requirements of Azure for SAP workloads.
  • Examine monitoring, logging, and alerting services.
  • Explore Azure VM monitoring considerations.
  • Troubleshoot the Azure Extension for SAP.
  • Explore Azure Monitor and Log Analytics.
  • Explore SAP HANA alerts.
  • Examine diagnostic tools.
  • Explore operating system and workload updates for Azure virtual machines.