Examine diagnostic tools


Run SAP HANA Health Check through HANA_Configuration_Minichecks. This tool returns potentially critical technical issues that should have already been raised as alerts in SAP HANA Studio.

  1. Refer to SAP Note #1969700 and download the SQL Statements.zip file attached to that note. Store this .zip file on the local hard drive.

  2. In SAP HANA Studio, on the System Information tab, right-click in the Name column and select Import SQL Statements.

  3. Select the SQL Statements.zip file stored locally, and a folder with the corresponding SQL statements will be imported.

  4. At this point, many different diagnostic checks can be run with these SQL statements.

    • For example, to test SAP HANA System Replication bandwidth requirements, right-click the Bandwidth statement under Replication: Bandwidth and select Open in SQL Console. The complete SQL statement opens allowing input parameters to be changed and then executed.
    • Another example is right-clicking on the statements under Replication: Overview. Select Execute from the context menu. This results in information that helps with troubleshooting.
  5. Do the same for HANA_Configuration_Minichecks and check for any X marks in the C (Critical) column.

Sample outputs include:

  • HANA_Configuration_MiniChecks_Rev102.01+1 for general SAP HANA checks.
  • HANA_Services_Overview for an overview of what SAP HANA services are currently running.
  • HANA_Services_Statistics for SAP HANA service information (CPU, memory, etc.).
  • HANA_Configuration_Overview_Rev110+ for general information on the SAP HANA instance.
  • HANA_Configuration_Parameters_Rev70+ to check SAP HANA parameters.