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Your organization has a number of custom applications. You need additional time to test application compatibility before deployment of the next Windows build. Which Windows servicing option provides the ability to do this?


Contoso recently deployed the latest upgrade to the Windows operating system. However, the company later discovered a significant compatibility issue between the latest Windows upgrade and one of their Sales apps. Contoso wants to roll back this upgrade to the previous Windows operating system version. By default, what's the default grace period that Contoso has to roll back to the previous Windows version?


Which Windows Service Channel isn't intended for deployment on most or all the PCs in an organization and should only be used for special-purpose devices?


As the Desktop Administrator for Fabrikam, Holly Spencer wants to obtain the updates that Windows Update determines are applicable to the devices at Fabrikam, perform additional testing and evaluation on the updates, and select the updates that Fabrikam wants to install. Which Microsoft feature provides Holly with this functionality?