Introduction to fit gap analysis


A fit-gap analysis identifies the difference between the known requirements and the proposed or current solution. It shows you the elements that are missing from your solution so you can address it. To accomplish this task, you need to fully understand the requirements and analyze the moving parts of your proposed solution.

How you address the identified gaps will vary for many reasons; time, budget, and resources are among the most common influences. The following image shows the trade-off triangle. With the triangle, the rule is simple: If one side changes, at least one other side must also change.

Diagram of trade-off triangle with scope, resources, and schedule.

In this module, you will:

  • Explore the feasibility of requirements.

  • Refine requirements from proof of concept insights.

  • Perform fit gap analysis.

  • Evaluate Dynamics 365 apps to meet requirements.

  • Evaluate third-party apps.

  • Use alternate solutions.