Accessibility best practices for games and platforms


Learn about foundational accessibility best practice concepts that you can use to guide the development of games and platforms. Also learn about the Xbox Accessibility Guidelines, a free online resource for developers that provides a comprehensive list of best practices organized by specific game elements and features.

Learning objectives

After you complete this module, you'll be able to:

  • Describe the foundational best practice concepts of customization, representation through multiple sensory channels, and support of multiple ways of task completion for game and platform experiences.
  • Demonstrate proper implementation of these concepts in development scenarios.
  • Identify components within the Xbox Accessibility Guidelines and demonstrate how they can be used to locate best practices relevant to the experiences you develop.


  • You should have some basic familiarity with playing and creating video games.
  • You should have some familiarity with using game platforms like Xbox, Windows, and other common gaming console and PC platforms.
  • A basic understanding of foundational terms and concepts for disability and accessibility principles is helpful.