The Azure OpenAI service enables you to use large language models (LLMs) to generate content based on natural language prompts. One of these models is the DALL-E image generation model, which is capable of creating original graphical content based on natural language descriptions of a desired image.

The ability to use AI to generate graphics has a number of applications; including the creation of illustrations or photorealistic images for articles or marketing collateral, generation of unique product or company logos, or any scenario where a desired image can be described.

In this module, you'll learn how to use the DALL-E model in an instance of the Azure OpenAI service, and retrieve the images it generates.


Use of the Azure OpenAI service is restricted to Azure subscriptions for which access has been requested and approved. If your Azure subscription has previously been granted access to use GPT language generation models in the Azure OpenAI service, you may need to reapply for access to the DALL-E image generation capabilities. For more details about applying for access, see How do I get access to Azure OpenAI? in the Azure OpenAI service documentation.