This module introduces the concept of creating and managing charts of accounts in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance. It covers the process of setting up main accounts, financial dimensions, account structures, and the considerations for migrating existing charts from legacy systems.

Imagine you are a finance professional in a multinational corporation that is transitioning to Dynamics 365 Finance. Your task is to create a new chart of accounts that meets the company's specific needs, including the ability to track cost centers and financial dimensions. You also need to import an existing chart from a legacy system, ensuring the data is cleansed and restructured according to the company's preferences. The challenge lies in understanding the customer requirements, planning the account structuring, and ensuring future scalability.

By the end of this module, you will be able to create a new chart of accounts in Dynamics 365 Finance that suits a customer's needs, manage multiple legal entities, and import an existing chart from a legacy system. This helps you to accurately capture financial data and aid informed decision-making.