Today's manufacturers require strong product data management, version control, and engineering change management to succeed in a world of constantly shrinking product lifecycles, increased quality and reliability requirements, and an increased focus on product safety.

Engineering change management brings structure and discipline to the product data management process, and enables products to be defined, released, and revised in a controlled manner that is supported by workflows. Through product versions and engineering change management, you can document, assess the impact of, and apply engineering changes throughout the whole lifecycle of a product.

Engineering change management provides the following benefits:

  • Brings structure and discipline to the product data management process.

  • Brings stronger data management through version control and engineering change management.

  • Manages changes in the components (BOMs) and routes for discrete manufacturers.

  • Manages product changes using workflow, and control the product lifecycle across entities.

  • Gives you increased data quality and reliability, making changes smoother, and therefore, reduces time to market.