Exercise - Request changes in the engineering product


The product was sent to a customer, but the customer wasn't completely satisfied and provides feedback that includes suggestions for improvement. While the customer is speaking with a sales clerk on the phone, the sales clerk can request the changes that the customer is describing.

  1. Go to Sales and marketing > Sales orders > All sales orders.

  2. Find and open the sales order that you created in the previous exercise.

  3. On the Sales order lines FastTab, select Engineering change management > New engineering change request.

    Creating an engineering change request from a sales order.

  4. Fill in the engineering change request, based on the customer's feedback. For this example, set the following values:

    • Change request: 555
    • Title: Z0001 customer change
    • Priority: low
    • Category: set change
    • Severity: Medium
  5. On the Information FastTab, select New > Note to add a note to the grid.

  6. In the Description field for the new note, indicate that item D0003 should be deleted from the BOM. If you must add more information for the note, you can enter text in the Notes field.

  7. On the Action Pane, select Save. Notice that the item has automatically been added on the Products FastTab, and that the source of the engineering change request (the sales order) has been added on the Source FastTab.