Suppose you want to build a support application that summarizes text and suggest code. To build this app, you want to utilize the capabilities you see in ChatGPT, a chatbot built by the OpenAI research company that takes in natural language input from a user and returns a machine-created, human-like response.

Generative AI models power ChatGPT's ability to produce new content, such as text, code, and images, based on a natural language prompts. Many generative AI models are a subset of deep learning algorithms. These algorithms support various workloads across vision, speech, language, decision, search, and more.

Azure OpenAI Service brings these generative AI models to the Azure platform, enabling you to develop powerful AI solutions that benefit from the security, scalability, and integration of other services provided by the Azure cloud platform. These models are available for building applications through a REST API, various SDKs, and a Studio interface. This module guides you through the Azure OpenAI Studio experience, giving you the foundation to further develop solutions with generative AI.