Exercise - Publish to a GitHub Packages registry


In this exercise, you'll navigate to a GitHub repository to validate your ability to publish to a GitHub Packages registry.

This GitHub exercise is graded automatically once you've attempted a solution to the challenge. The results of your actions, as well as helpful feedback, are provided in real-time within the grade-learner workflow logs.

Here are some helpful tips before you begin the exercise:

  • Read the About this exercise section in the exercise's repository README to understand how the exercise works.
  • Follow the steps provided in the Instructions section to successfully complete the exercise.
  • To see the results of your exercise, navigate to the Actions tab of your cloned repository and click the most recent run on the Grading workflow.
  • Stuck on what to do? Revisit the content in the last unit or check out the Useful resources section in the exercise's repository README for some additional resources.


A grading script exists under .github/workflows/grading.yml. You do not need to modify this workflow to complete this exercise. Altering the contents in this workflow can break the exercise's ability to validate your actions, provide feedback, or grade the results.

This exercise is a challenge based on content covered in this module, and there could be more than one way to successfully complete the exercise. If you get stuck, revisit previous content in this module or navigate to some of the additional resources provided.

When you've finished the exercise in GitHub, return here for your next unit.