There are multiple strategies for SAP organizations to drive organizational speed and agility. One way is to improve collaboration, which includes integrating business critical SAP applications with applications that workers use every day. Another way is to automate routine manual processes.

This module helps you understand how to enable both strategies with Microsoft technologies. Microsoft services and tools help you extend and innovate on SAP solutions running on-premises or in Azure. Consider Contoso, a technical equipment distributor that wants to automate pre-sales processes and improve collaboration.

In this module, you’ll track the steps of two co-workers at Contoso who make it happen:

  • Jenn is a technical sales rep for Contoso. Jenn enters orders in SAP ERP and uses SAP Sales Cloud for sales and marketing efforts. Jenn's day is spent moving between Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word, and SAP systems. Jenn sometimes forgets to save information when switching between one system and another. Jenn also wants to reduce time spent on tedious routine processes.
  • Andy is an IT Administrator across the organization’s SAP and Microsoft technologies. Andy wants to help Jenn improve collaboration and productivity.

Learning objectives

By the end of this module, you’ll be able to enable Teams integration with SAP Sales and Service Core. You’ll also be able to build a Power Automate flow that embeds urgent email details into cards that you can share for approval before sending to SAP.


For the best learning experience from this module, you should already have the following knowledge and experience: