In this module, you learned how Azure Monitor alerts and notifications help you manage your systems and environment. You explored three different types of alerts: metric, log, and activity log.

You learned how metric alerts enable time-series evaluations, which trigger an action group when the alert is fired.

You also learned how log alert rules specify log queries to run at regular time intervals. The alerts trigger an action group when a match is found.

You learned how activity log alerts enable notifications when a named Azure resource meets the specified conditions.

Lastly, you learned how to apply an action group to an alert to send notifications when an alert is fired, and how to use alert processing rules to override the behavior of an action group when necessary.

Clean up

The sandbox automatically cleans up your resources when you're finished with this module.

When you're working in your own subscription, it's a good idea at the end of a project to identify whether you still need the resources you created. Resources that you leave running can cost you money. You can delete resources individually or delete the resource group to delete the entire set of resources.

Learn more

For more info about Azure Monitor and each of the alert types, see: