Case study introduction


Throughout the Azure Fundamentals learning paths, we'll work with Tailwind Traders, a fictitious home improvement retailer. It operates retail hardware stores across the globe and online.

A screenshot of the Tailwind Traders website. You can upload a photo to the smart shopping feature or browse recommended products.

Tailwind Traders currently manages an on-premises datacenter that hosts the company's retail website. The datacenter also stores all of the data and streaming video for its applications. The IT department is currently responsible for all of the management tasks for its computing hardware and software. For example, let's suppose that you work as an IT specialist for the company's IT department. Your IT team handles the procurement process to buy new hardware, installs and configures software, and deploys everything throughout the datacenter.

These management responsibilities create some obstacles for delivering your applications to your users in a timely fashion. As an IT pro, you realize it would be advantageous to have servers, storage, databases, and other services immediately available when you develop and deploy applications. You want to easily start a new server or add services to your solutions.

In the other units of this learning module, you've learned about some of the cloud-based services that Tailwind Traders can use to address its technology challenges. With that in mind, the services that are available through Azure can help Tailwind Traders conduct its business more efficiently.

As you complete the various modules in the Azure Fundamentals learning paths, we'll analyze the challenges that Tailwind Traders is facing. You'll see how you can use Azure services to address each of the issues as they arise. After you've completed each of the modules, the knowledge that you gained from resolving the hypothetical challenges that the fictional Tailwind Traders company encountered should benefit you in your real-world environments.