Explore personalization functionality


In Dynamics 365, the word personalization is used to indicate non-code changes to the system, especially in the user interface. It applies especially to individual users. The word customization typically indicates code written by a developer, usually for all users. This is not a hard and fast rule, and can be set otherwise. For example, personalizations may be applied to multiple users (for example, all users in a particular role).

Changing your default company

Earlier, we discussed changing the company we are currently logged into. What if we want to change our default to that company, so that we don’t need to change it each time we log in?

You can also change your default company: Select the gear icon in the top right of your screen, and choose User options.

Gear .. User options

In the Options screen, select the Preferences tab and change the Startup Company.

Options .. Preferences .. Startup .. Company

User options form

In this form, you have many options for customizing the user experience:

  • Visual

    • Color theme

    • Size

  • Preferences

    • Startup

      • Company

      • Default view/edit mode

      • Initial page

    • Language and country/region preferences

      • Language

      • Time zone

      • Date, time, and number format

      • Country/region

    • Miscellaneous

      • Document handling enabled Y/N

      • URL Manipulations: Automatically update query parameter Y/N

    • Accessibility

      • Enhanced tab sequence Y/N
  • Account

    • Account

      • User ID (display only, no edit)

      • Network domain (display only, no edit)

      • Name

      • Telemetry ID (display only, no edit)

      • Alias (display only, no edit)

    • Email provider selection

      • Email provider ID

      • Email – this is used in notifications and document handling

    • Electronic signature

      • Signature enabled Y/N

      • Valid certificate Y/N

      • There are also buttons to designate an approver and get a certificate

  • Workflow

    • Notifications

      • Send notifications in email Y/N

      • Line item workflow notification type (individual or grouped notifications)

    • Delegation

      • Here delegates can be added and removed

Form personalization

Form personalization is launched from one of two places:

  • From any form in the user interface: Right click in a field or grid and select Personalize.

    Personalize: - Hide - Include in FastTab summary - Skip in Tab key sequence Personalize this form

    The resulting pop-up will allow you to:

    • Hide (the field)

    • Include in FastTab summary

    • Skip in Tab key sequence

    • Personalize this form

    The last option gives you many more options, including one to add fields to the form.

    Personalize toolbar: Select, Hide, Add a field, Move, Skip, Show in header, Lock, Close

  • From the Options tab (you may need to select the ellipsis … to see it) select Personalize this form