Exercise: Connect two Azure virtual networks using global virtual network peering


Lab scenario

In this lab, you will configure connectivity between the CoreServicesVnet and the ManufacturingVnet by adding peerings to allow traffic flow.

Architecture diagram

Diagram of virtual network peering.


  • Task 1: Create a Virtual Machine to test the configuration
    • Use a template to create the virtual machines. You can review the lab template.
    • Use Azure PowerShell to deploy the template.
  • Task 2: Connect to the Test VMs using RDP
  • Task 3: Test the connection between the VMs
  • Task 4: Create VNet peerings between CoreServicesVnet and ManufacturingVnet
  • Task 5: Test the connection between the VMs


Click on the thumbnail image to start the lab simulation. When you're done, be sure to return to this page so you can continue learning.


You may find slight differences between the interactive simulation and the hosted lab, but the core concepts and ideas being demonstrated are the same.

Screenshot of the simulation page.