Identity synchronization actually begins with implementing identity authentication and provisioning. This module examines the authentication and provisioning options available in Microsoft 365. These options control how identities are later synchronized between on-premises Active Directory and Microsoft 365.

If you have an existing on-premises directory, such as Active Directory, you can integrate it with Microsoft Entra ID. This integration is done by synchronizing your identities from the on-premises directory to Microsoft 365. In this module, you'll learn about basic directory synchronization concepts. You'll also learn how identity synchronization is accomplished using Microsoft Entra Connect. Microsoft Entra Connect is Microsoft's officially recommended tool for synchronizing on-premises identities and objects with Microsoft Entra ID.

After completing this module, you'll be able to:

  • Describe the Microsoft 365 authentication and provisioning options.
  • Explain directory synchronization.
  • Explain how Microsoft Entra Connect enables coexistence between your on-premises Active Directory environment and Microsoft 365.