.NET MAUI is the next evolution of Xamarin and what we recommend you develop mobile and desktop apps with, and you can learn more about .NET MAUI in several training modules. This Xamarin training module will not be maintained going forward.

It's a mobile-first, cloud-first world, and users expect devices of all types to be connected and online and to generate data. They want updates on everything from their taxi or flight arrival to the temperature of their home while they're on vacation.

Users need their data to be relevant, detailed, and readily available across multiple devices. And work data isn't the only focus. We see smart devices in all aspects of our lives. These devices, and more relevantly, the applications running on them, need to work everywhere: across devices, across network types, and across geographic borders.

Suppose you're working at a delivery company and want to take advantage of having your users' attention through their mobile devices. Your task is to create a mobile application that will allow your customers to quickly process payments. One of the first features you want to focus on is a tip calculator. You want to make it easy for your users to calculate a tip and return the total amount due.

You're interested in using your .NET developer skills to create an Android application that will take advantage of hardware and software features provided by Android mobile devices.

The first step in becoming a Xamarin.Android developer is getting an application up and running. Here you'll see how you can use Xamarin.Android to create an Android application. You'll also learn a bit about how Xamarin.Android works by creating a simple application. The goal is to help you decide if Xamarin.Android is a good choice for your business.


This module requires Visual Studio 2019. You can use either Windows or a Mac:

  • Windows: Make sure you have the Mobile development with .NET workload installed in Visual Studio 2019 for Windows. Refer to the documentation if you need to add it to your installation.
  • macOS: The standard Visual Studio 2019 for Mac installation includes everything you need to build mobile apps with Xamarin.

Learning objectives

In this module, you will:

  • Create a Xamarin.Android project
  • Decompose an app into activities
  • Build an activity's UI
  • Write an activity's behavior
  • Update your Android SDK


  • Visual Studio 2019 (any edition)
  • Familiarity with C# and .NET