Configure apps for users


Now we have a host pool and workspace that we can use to deploy a remote app. Let's create a RemoteApp application group to share an application to a different user in the organization.

To complete the exercise, you'll need the credentials for a different non-administrative user account that's in Active Directory.

Create and assign remote applications

Step 1: Basics

  1. Sign in to the Azure portal.

  2. Use the search box to find Azure Virtual Desktop. The Azure Virtual Desktop page appears.

  3. From the resource menu under Manage category, select Application groups. The Azure Virtual Desktop Application groups pane appears.

  4. In the command bar, select Create. The Create an application group pane appears.

  5. On the Basics tab, enter the following values.

    Field Description
    Subscription Subscription where you want the app group to run
    Resource group Resource group you've created for Azure Virtual Desktop resources
    Host pool wvd-host-pool-1
    Application group type RemoteApp
    Application group name RemoteApp1

    Screenshot of the application groups basics tab filled out using values from table.

  6. Select Next: Applications. The Create an applications group pane appears.

Step 2: Applications

  1. The application list is empty. Let's add a few applications. Select Add applications. The Add Applications tab appears.

    Screenshot of the applications tab with add applications highlighted.

  2. Enter the following values. Accept default values for fields that are not listed in the table.

    Field Value
    Application source Start menu
    Application WordPad
    Display name WordPad

    Screenshot that shows WordPad selected.

  3. Select Save.

  4. Select Next: Assignments.

Step 3: Assignments

  1. Select Add Azure AD users or user groups.

    Screenshot of the assignments tab with Add Azure AD users or user groups highlighted.

  2. Select single or multiple users, or you can select user groups.

  3. Select Next: Workspace.

Step 4: Workspace

  1. For Register application group, select Yes.

    Screenshot that shows workspace tab with yes selected.

  2. Select Review + create.

  3. Review what you've entered and select Create.

Verify access to application

  1. Go to the Azure Virtual Desktop web client.

  2. Sign in by using the credentials for the user you assigned to the RemoteApp application group.

  3. You should see the application in the workspace.