Replenishment of inventory to stores


For store inventory replenishment, the Cross docking or Buyer’s push functionality in Commerce Headquarters (HQ) can be used to streamline the inventory movement from one warehouse to another.

Cross docking

Cross docking functionality is used in relation to an incoming purchase order that will be delivered to a distribution center warehouse. When this inventory arrives, and if the retailer wants to separate it into smaller shipments for distribution to multiple store warehouse locations, the cross docking feature can be used to initiate this process. The inventory will be distributed from the distribution center to the store warehouses through the creation of transfer orders.

Buyer’s push

The Buyer’s push functionality can be used to manually trigger redistribution of inventory.

For example, 100 overstock units of a product are in a distribution center, and the merchandising team wants to distribute this inventory across 20 different store locations because they think that they have a higher chance of turning this inventory over if it is on display at a store. By using the Buyer’s push functionality, the merchandiser can configure this distribution, which creates the necessary transfer orders to facilitate the movement of the 100 units out of the distribution center and into those specific store locations.

Optionally, replenishment rules can be defined for product categories and stores or store groups to facilitate a calculation for how much of the available inventory will be distributed to each location. Each replenishment rule has a defined weight value, which is used to determine the portions of available products that will be distributed to the location.