Inbound inventory operations


This unit describes how to request an inbound transfer order from Store Commerce, and how to add items to purchase orders and close lines, during receiving in Store Commerce.

Request an inbound transfer order from Store Commerce

Store employees might want to make a request of another warehouse (either a distribution center or another store) to ship inventory to their store location. This request might be needed in out-of-stock scenarios where the store needs inventory to fulfill customer requests. Store employees can initiate this request for inventory by using the Create transfer order capabilities of the Inbound inventory operation.

When the inbound transfer order is created and submitted from Store Commerce, a transfer order record is created in HQ. If the transfer order was created to request inventory from another store, this transfer order will now be available for the outbound store employees to view from their Store Commerce devices. Those store employees can select the document and process the shipment of these transfer order items through the Outbound inventory operation of Store Commerce.

If the transfer order request was made to a distribution center or non-store warehouse, the shipment of this inventory can be processed through regular warehouse process functions that are found in HQ.

Add items to purchase orders during receiving in Store Commerce

A store may occasionally receive inventory that was not included in the original purchase order. In such cases, the retailer can dynamically add these unplanned items to the purchase order at the time of delivery to ensure that they are tracked properly.

Users will be alerted when they attempt to receive an item on a purchase order and the item isn't on the purchase order. The user will be given the option to add the item. If they add the item, a new line will be added on the purchase order and the Receiving now quantity entered in Store Commerce will be the assumed ordered quantity for that line. The lines will be tagged so that users of Commerce headquarters can see that these lines were added during the receiving process, and they can do any necessary follow-ups or reviews with the vendor.


You can only add items to purchaser orders during receiving in Store Commerce if your company doesn't use the workflow or change management approval processes on your purchase orders.

Close lines in purchase orders during receiving in Store Commerce

Users can indicate that the remaining quantity on the line that hasn't been received in full or isn't part of a current Receiving now quantity should be closed. To ensure that inventory is not expected later, this process deletes any remaining On order inventory transactions for the closed quantity.

Under-delivery tolerance validation logic will be triggered by this function to ensure that the closure is permitted.