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What does AD DS use to perform authentication for computer accounts during the startup process and for user accounts when the user signs in?


What does AD DS use for locating resources such as domain controllers?


As the Enterprise Administrator for World Wide Importers, Patti Fernandez deployed AD DS on an Azure virtual machine to enable scalability and availability for an on-premises AD DS. What's one of the repercussions of deploying AD DS on an Azure virtual machine?


As the Enterprise Administrator for Contoso, Holly Dickson recently deployed several new Windows 11 computers. George, who was a recipient of one of those new computers, complained to Holly that he was unable to access the local computer or network resources. Which of the following items could be causing the authentication failures that George has been experiencing?


Wingtip Toys has a hybrid Exchange deployment. Wingtip employs an on-premises AD DS that supports its Exchange Server 2019 deployment. It also has a cloud-based Microsoft Entra environment that supports Exchange Online in its Microsoft 365 tenant. What tool can Wingtip's Enterprise Administrator use to synchronize these AD DS and Microsoft Entra services together to meet its hybrid identity goals?