Use the Azure portal to visually understand and manage your cloud environment


Tailwind Traders uses Azure extensively throughout its entire organization. To make sure that both the technical and executive teams are aware of the company's cloud spend, the director of cloud operations will begin to meet weekly with the chief financial officer (CFO) to talk about their cloud spend.

Conversations might begin at a high level, but the two officers might want to dive deep during the meeting to gain more insight into how Azure resources are being used. Ideally, they would be able to see the data displayed visually, but also be able to run custom reports in real time. Which tool can they use during their meeting?

Which service should you choose?

Apply the decision criteria you learned about in the preceding unit to find the right option.

First, in this scenario, does Tailwind Traders need to perform one-off management, administrative, or reporting actions? Yes, and given the requirement to view data visually and create custom reports during the meeting, the Azure portal is the best choice. The meeting attendees can quickly find answers to their questions by using a wealth of reporting options.

The next two decision criteria don't apply to this scenario, because the director of cloud operations and the CFO won't be deploying or configuring any resources.

The Azure portal is the correct product option for this scenario.