Discover Microsoft Graph


Microsoft Graph is the gateway to data and intelligence in Microsoft 365. It provides a unified programmability model that you can use to access the tremendous amount of data in Microsoft 365, Windows 10, and Enterprise Mobility + Security.

Microsoft Graph, Microsoft Graph data connect, and Microsoft Graph connectors enable extending Microsoft 365 experiences and building intelligent apps.

In the Microsoft 365 platform, three main components facilitate the access and flow of data:

  • The Microsoft Graph API offers a single endpoint, You can use REST APIs or SDKs to access the endpoint. Microsoft Graph also includes a powerful set of services that manage user and device identity, access, compliance, security, and help protect organizations from data leakage or loss.

  • Microsoft Graph connectors work in the incoming direction, delivering data external to the Microsoft cloud into Microsoft Graph services and applications, to enhance Microsoft 365 experiences such as Microsoft Search. Connectors exist for many commonly used data sources such as Box, Google Drive, Jira, and Salesforce.

  • Microsoft Graph Data Connect provides a set of tools to streamline secure and scalable delivery of Microsoft Graph data to popular Azure data stores. The cached data serves as data sources for Azure development tools that you can use to build intelligent applications.