In this module, you imported the Mixed Reality Toolkit into your Unity Windows Mixed Reality Project. Using the ObjectManipulator script, you enabled hand interactions to move, scale, and rotate a cube.

Using scripts included with the Mixed Reality Toolkit, you can configure basic object interactions without the need to create your own custom scripts. This can accelerate your mixed reality development and get you from concept to a finished mixed reality experience faster.

Next Steps

You can continue to add objects to your scene and try different interaction models to manipulate various 2D and 3D objects with scripts included with the MRTK Foundation package. Consider trying the following interactions:

  • Point to an object that's far away to make the object rotate
  • Configure a motion controller to select an object and scale to a larger size
  • Use eye gaze to select an object and move with your hands
  • Target a large object with head gaze and change its color with a voice command

You can complete your mixed reality experience by building the Unity project and deploying to your preferred device. In Unity, ensure that you first save the scene and add to the Scenes in Build window within Build Settings.

Further Reading