Task modules are modals that you can populate with either an Adaptive Card or an embedded web/content page for use in your custom Microsoft Teams app's user experience for workflows that require data input. Task modules allow you to gather information in a Teams-aware popup.

In this module, you'll learn how to create and add task modules to your Microsoft Teams app.


  • Experience using Microsoft Teams at the intermediate level
  • Ability to program with JavaScript, TypeScript, and Node.js
  • Experience using Visual Studio Code at the intermediate level
  • Access to a Microsoft 365 tenant

Learning objectives

  1. Create a task module for a tab
  2. Demonstrate how to create a task module that includes an adaptive card
  3. Create a task module for a bot

Additional resources

Refer to the following repository for extra resources associated with this module. This repository includes completed code samples from the exercise units found in this module: 50 Task Modules.

This module is also available as a screencast: Collect Input in Microsoft Teams with Task Modules