Deploy a Microsoft Teams app to Azure by using Teams Toolkit for Visual Studio Code

Microsoft 365
Microsoft Teams

When you create applications for Microsoft Teams, depending on your requirements, you might choose to host the web app in Azure. You might also add features that require cloud resources, like Azure Key Vault or Azure Functions. If you're creating bots, you'll need to use Azure Bot.

The Teams Toolkit for Visual Studio Code extension streamlines the process of setting up and deploying cloud resources by giving you a simple way to select and provision these resources during the app development stage. It also caters to easy publishing of the app, whether you need to publish to your organization for other users to test or to create app packages that can then be uploaded manually in Teams. In this training module, you'll understand more about the infrastructure requirements and how to set up things for hosting and publishing your app in Teams.

Learning objectives

When you finish this module, you should be able to:

  • Provision Azure resources by using Teams Toolkit for Visual Studio Code.
  • Deploy an app to Azure by using Teams Toolkit.
  • Describe different ways to publish your app to your organization's store by using Teams Toolkit.