Assign number series and number series relationships


After the number series are set up, they are specified on the setup page for each application area and in the journal templates.

  • Application areas:

    • General Ledger Setup

    • FA Setup

    • Cash Flow Setup

    • Sales & Receivables Setup

    • Marketing Setup

    • Purchases & Payables Setup

    • Inventory Setup

    • Assembly Setup

    • Warehouse Setup

    • Manufacturing Setup

    • Jobs Setup

    • Resources Setup

    • Service Mgmt. Setup

    • Human Resources Setup

  • Journal templates:

    • Journal

    • FA journal

    • Cash Flow journal

    • Item journal

    • Warehouse journal

Screenshot of the Sales and Receivables Setup page showing the number series related fields.

You might have to assign more than one code to a single number series for the same kind of basic information or transactions. If this situation occurs, you can create relationships between the related codes. Number series relationships offer the ability to use one of the related number series where another related number series is typically used.

Relationships between number series are set up on the No. Series Relationships page. This demonstration video will show you how to set up relationships between number series.